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Who I Am, What I Do, and Why I Do It

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Welcome to my website! For the benefit of those who are new to the site, and for those who may not know me, I'd like to introduce myself.

My name is Kaye Wilson. I'm a parenting coach, a former teacher and headmaster, and a former piano teacher. More importantly, I'm mother to five grown children, all of whom are married, and grandmother to nine grandchildren (so far). I live in Oklahoma City with my Australian Shepherd, Augie, who keeps me very busy and my bank balance lower than it should be.

I'm a Christian, and an active member in my beloved church. My faith journey began when I was very young, with some of my earliest memories having to do with hearing Bible stories and singing songs about Jesus. My soul has been nourished by many years of reading and meditating on the Scriptures, and being part of God's people in various church settings.

I grew up in Oklahoma City with my mother and father and three sisters during the 1960's and 70's. Like most people, my life was deeply affected by the social and political upheaval that took place during those years; the things I observed during that time, particularly in the life of my oldest sister, led me to make some long-lasting resolutions about the way I would bring up my own children when the time came.

I married the year after my college graduation, and three years later we started our family, with me in the role of full-time homemaker and mother, a role I eagerly embraced. In the inevitable frustrations brought about by a houseful of kids, I turned to the writings of John Rosemond for common sense advice as to how to be a more calm and confident mother. Many years later I eagerly signed up to be trained by John and certified as a Leadership Parenting Coach.

In my role as a CLPC (Certified Leadership Parenting Coach), I answer parenting questions on the Parent Guru website, teach parenting classes, and coach couples privately regarding parenting issues they're struggling with. My goal is to help parents not only be more effective at leading their children, but also to find joy and purpose in the process.

Something I realized as I was parenting my own brood was that I talked too much, worried too much, and read way too many parenting books and articles. Being an effective and loving parent is a fairly straightforward, uncomplicated enterprise; we sabotage ourselves when we worry about damaging our children and try to do everything "right". We fret about our mistakes and find ourselves in a balancing act between trying to make our children happy (or at least preventing tantrums and meltdowns), and reacting in frustration and anger to their uncivilized behavior; it's a situation which is exhausting in every way, and which brings stress to our every relationship--with our kids, with our spouse, with work and friends, and with our inner selves.

If you're exhausted and stressed, filled with worry over your child's psyche but appalled by his or her disobedience, disrespect, lack of initiative, ingratitude, or other distressing behavior and want to find a better way to parent, keep reading this blog. Contact me to set up a group parenting class via Zoom, regardless of where you live, or call to chat about one on one coaching. I promise you will be encouraged and empowered to be the parent you want to be, while learning to lead your children in the behavior you want to see. Let me help you learn to parent with joy and purpose!

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