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Parenting with Joy and Purpose

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What Are Your Deepest Desires For Your Children?

If you believe there are more important things to aim for than wealth, fame or popularity, and want to help your children find them, you’ve come to the right place. I want to help you teach your children to love and pursue the really meaningful things of life.

I can help you to understand your children, and lead them with joyful confidence into a life of maturity and purpose, within a Christian framework. 

My Approach To Parenting Will Equip You To:

  • Get and keep your children’s attention

  • Teach them to listen and obey

  • Handle tantrums effectively

  • Establish an atmosphere of loving respect in your home

  • Connect on a deep level with your children

It will also take you beyond behavioral issues, to cultivate wisdom, and a love of truth, beauty, and goodness. When they become adults they will be capable of wise decisions, healthy relationships, and an understanding of how to make their way in the world.

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What My

I found these classes extremely helpful, and were useful in starting conversations with my spouse about things we want to be more intentional about practicing in our home.

One thing I found extremely helpful was the take-home worksheets with questions to do individually and then with spouse afterward. That really helped clarify our own thoughts on things and realize where we were the same and where different. I would enjoy doing even more of those kinds of things.


Another was using role-modeling with kids—showing a behavior to them yourself.  I had never thought of that before.

- Class Participant

Hire Kaye For Your Group

In addition to working one on one with parents and small groups, we can create 90 minute workshops for your school, church or other community. 

You may choose from a broad range of topics that address some of the most common parenting issues. If preferred, we can plan a series of workshops  allowing you to build upon what is learnt at each session. 

Sound appealing? Let's talk about some ideas to get a great workshop set up for you.* 

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*We can also work online with your group!

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