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 Audio Parenting Course 

Kaye has developed a 12 lesson audio course that will give you the tools for becoming a more confident, relaxed mom! Listen at your own pace while out walking, doing errands or in the car.

Upgrade to VIP level for the opportunity to join a weekly live Zoom call, and access to Kaye via email during the week.

Kaye's 12 lesson Course

#1: Know Your Role

#2 Know Your Goal

#3: The Five R's: Reverence, Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, and Relationships

#4: The Great Transition

#5: Choose To Be The Mom No Matter What

#6: Alpha Speech

Enjoying Music

Audio Course

#7: Consequences and How To Use Them​

#8: The What, Why, and How of Reverence

#9: How To Teach Respect

#10: Teach Your Kids Responsibility

#11: All About Resourcefulness

#12: Relationships That Last a Lifetime

Audio Course

#1. Time for a Tour

  • 12 short audio lessons

  • A 53-page workbook with space in each lesson for notes, some questions to think about, and an action plan to help you know how to implement the lesson.

  • Bonus Pack: "Manners for Children", The "Chore Bundle" and "Consequences and How to Use Them"

#2. Weekly Contact via Email

  • Once per week, Kaye will answer questions via email.

#3. VIP: Weekly Zoom Meetings

  • Once each week for 12 weeks, there will be a 90 minute scheduled Zoom call. 

  • Ask Kaye your questions, talk through problems you've been having with your kids, and hear how others are dealing with their issues

Drawing in Kitchen


Upon engagement of services, payment is required in advance.

Location: We are located in Oklahoma. We work both locally and nationally, using the most appropriate communication tools available including online Zoom sessions. For in person speaking engagements outside of OK, Kaye is available to travel.



Parent Coaching is not psychology, therapy, or analysis. It is instruction for parents, based on common sense, experience, and training, in how to be pro-active in teaching their children and dealing with undesired behavior.

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