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Parenting with Joy and Purpose

Hi and welcome! Whether you are a first time parent or a parent of multiple children, every stage of childhood and family life brings its challenges, both big and small. I'm here to help you find the structure and confidence to parent effectively and lovingly. I look forward to helping you on your journey.


Personal coaching is a great way to zero in on specific issues. I suggest two to four sessions, supported by short calls and emails to check in. We'll start with the most pressing issue and build on the strategies you'll learn

Let's begin by having a quick call to see if we are a good fit to work together.


Free Guides

Consequences: A downloadable PDF with instructions for choosing age-appropriate consequences and how to effectively implement them.

Ending the Food Fight: This guide gives you step-by-step instructions for teaching your child to eat what you serve; no more picky eaters!

Toy Management 101: Get on top of toy clutter by using one of the three effective methods I used for managing the toys of five lively children!

Smooth Transitions: Big days can make for tough transitions for kids. This guide helps you prepare them mentally to be ready to make adjustments from one event to the next.

Holiday Hosting with Children: This

handy timeline helps you include your children in planning, coordinating, and enjoying larger holiday get-togethers.

Guides available for purchase

Where are you leading your children? Are your daily routines and decisions consistent with your values and beliefs? Take this valuable assessment and your parenting will be more effective!

The First Step in Laying a Solid Foundation

Must Reads

If I could, I would make reading these books mandatory for all parents!

Clicking on an image will take you to an Amazon page; I am an associate and receive a small commission on purchases; books are, of course, available elsewhere.

Special Offers

Popular Parenting Workshop & seminar Topics

Below are topics perfect for workshops and small groups. Contact me to set one up for your women's group or church! In addition, I'll be adding these as pre-recorded presentations that can be purchased individually.

  • Taming the Beast: Toddlers and Tantrums

  • Something’s Gotta Give: The Shift from child-centered to parent-centered family life

  • Leadership Parenting: The Basics

  • How to Gain and Keep Your Child’s Respect

  • Your Secret Weapon: Chores

Stressed Out Mother

Workshops &
Small Groups

  • School Readiness: The Essentials

  • The Grateful Child

  • The Two Things Every Child Needs

  • Growing Together: How to establish deep family roots and healthy connections that endure.

  • Cultivating Virtue

  • The Moral Imagination: Why it’s important, how to develop it.

  • The Peaceful Home

  • The Four R’s: Reverence, Respect, Responsibility, and Resourcefulness

New Moms Walking Together

Classes and Seminars

  • Lessons from Proverbs

  • The Well-Behaved Child

  • Combination of two or more workshop topics

Girl Playing with a balloon

Personal Coaching

45-60 minute sessions, priced individually, or as a package of 4, 6, or 8 sessions.


$115/session. Or, purchase a package of four 1-hour sessions at 10% off, 6 for 15% off, or 8 for 20% off.

  • Private hourly sessions, via phone, zoom, or in person, focused on solving the behavior issues you're most concerned about. Multiple sessions recommended.

  • Perfect for resolving parenting issues and getting your family on track.

  • Access to Kaye between sessions for short phone calls or email support.


2 Hours

4-12 People


  • Two hours of teaching, listening, and Q&A based on a topic of your choice. 

  • Select from the menu or choose your own topic.

  • 4-12 individuals, in a home setting or via video conference.

Dynamic Duos

3 Sessions -1 Hour

Max. 6 Couples

$100 per couple for all three classes.

  • Three one hour classes.

  • Part of the course is devoted to helping couples discover their child-rearing beliefs, attitudes, and expectations, see where they differ from each other, and come to agreement on how to move forward most effectively in establishing their family and home.  

  • We will then  focus on establishing fundamental principles for an orderly and peaceful home.  

  • You can bring other couples along or we can create a group for you. 

  • Minimum 3 couples. Maximum 6 couples.


90 Minutes

Any Size


  • 90-minute presentations for any size group, on a topic of your choice. 

  • Includes time for Q&A and materials. 

  • Perfect for church groups, schools, parenting organizations. 


4-6 Sessions -75 Minutes

Any Size

$1200 4 Weeks. $1800 6 weeks.

  • 4-6 Weekly sessions, in which each session builds on the previous one. 

  • Choose topics from the menu, or a custom topic. 

  • Any size group. 

  • Price depends on number of weekly sessions.


Upon engagement of services, payment is required in advance.