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Skip the Resolutions, and Hit Re-set Instead

Updated: Jan 18

It's a New Year, so of course we think of resolutions. I used to make them every year, like most of the population.

I'm the person who bought fitness memberships, dog training courses, amazing new planners, just on a whim, because somehow by the end of the year I was tired of myself and my life.

I wanted to be different: if I were thinner, I'd be happier! If I were more organized, I'd be more successful! I'd have the best-trained dog ever! My life would be so perfect!

I wasted a lot of money.

Somehow this year is different. Instead of starting a bunch of new things, I'm drilling down on what IS, instead of wishing for something different, pressing the re-set button in order to get things back to where they may have gotten off track, and moving forward from there.

I'd like to invite you to join with me in this re-set by sending you a link to a free webinar I'll be hosting live on Zoom, Jan. 11 at 2:00 Central Time. This free webinar is designed to help you remember what matters in your life as it IS, and re-set your thinking, your outlook.

When you leave, I want you to feel a renewed sense of joy in being a mother, have a clearer picture of where things are going in your family, and be confident in your ability to be exactly the mom/wife/woman you're meant to be!

In this webinar I'll:

  • Offer three ways to revitalize your relationship with your kids, (because somehow we often feel guilty about this)

  • Help you re-clarify your priorities so you spend less time in confusion and overwhelm, and

  • Help you discover and USE your superpower! (which you may not even know you have!)

You are one of the most important people in the world, because you are bringing up the next generation; I know you feel the weight of this, that you are passionate about your children, and that you want to do the best you possibly can!

I also know that the enemy of your soul never stops trying to harass you, telling you you're a failure, and bringing to mind things you wish you'd done, feel you should do, or completely fail at doing!

Being a mother isn't complicated, but it can be SO difficult.

So, join me at this webinar. It's meant to be a time to be encouraged in what you're doing well, offer you some very small steps that might ease your burden a little bit, and restore some joy and confidence to your daily life. Oh, and there will be some time for Q & A afterward.

Sometimes we just need to remember what matters, what's really true, instead of chasing trends or starting new habits. And it's always better with the support of a friend. Click here to register!

I hope to see you next Thursday afternoon!

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