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Keys To Successful Schooling At Home, Key #1: Your Attitude

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Many of you will be managing school at home this fall, at least for awhile. In my years homeschooling my five children I learned some helpful strategies for bringing order to potential chaos. Over the next couple of weeks I'll be sharing five keys to peaceful and effective home education.

TODAY, Key #1: Your attitude

Your emotions and attitude have a powerful and direct effect on your children’s ability to focus and learn. As psychologist and author Erica Komisar says, children "read and mirror their parents' emotional cues." Or, as Grandma used to say, "If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!"

I’m not suggesting that you slap a fake smile on your face (although honestly, sometimes that may be the best you can manage). I’m actually talking about what’s going on inside your head. I want you to tune-in to your thoughts—Here's what might be going through your mind: “I didn’t sign up for this! I don’t know how to teach! It’s too much! It’s not fair! It’s such a hassle! I already did this last semester! How will I get them to mind me?!” etc.

All of this may be true, and you may feel quite entitled to feel this way. But the following statements are also true:

  • This is my kids' education--it's beyond important!

  • This is more important than my personal difficulties!

  • I can learn to do this!

  • I’m not the only one in this situation!

  • This won’t last forever!

  • I’m a capable person!

  • I can do hard things!

  • Even when I make mistakes, it will be better than no school at all!

Here’s something else that is true:

The more you dwell on the difficulty and unfairness of the situation, the harder it will be. The more you sigh and complain, the more your child will sigh and complain. The more you resist, the more your child will resist.

Decide right now to make this school experience easier and more enjoyable for yourself and your kids by embracing a hopeful and grateful outlook. Start practicing today! Choose a few of the bulleted statements above, and make them your mantra!

And, if you'd like to meet together with friends to chat about this or any other parenting issue, contact me! For a limited time, I'm offering Mom-to-Mom sessions (45-90 min.) for as little as $10 per participant!

Next, Key #2: The Stage

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